Description of Maya Temple by Matthew


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Sunlight peers through the dense leaves towards the mossy exterior walls of the Temple of Ah Puch. Rotting flesh destroys any susceptible noses that pass by this deadly structure. Screams horrifically set the scene by shaking the floor and frightening any visitors. Statues (glistening like the sun) have a smooth edge, standing in front of the rough pyramid. Disintegrating if on wrong step is made. Their soft, sticky bodies make trespassers more anxious about entering. Mossy stone bricks, which is strong steel, protects inside treasures.

Eye of the Jaguar by Liam North


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Eye of the Jaguar

Cautiously, Liam- a tall, handsome but shy boy- strolled down the old cobbled pathway of the local city zoo. As Liam kept going down the pathway, enclosures started to tower above his head, animals called for him from inside their prison cells. “This is no way to treat animals,” he thought. “What happened to their families? Do they even have families?”

Unexpectedly, like a bee to a flower, Liam’s bright emerald green eyes were drawn to a lonely shadow in the corner of the zoo. There was a strong beast. Proud, muscular. Liam, for an unknown reason, was more interested in this animal than any other in the entire zoo.

With great interest, the boy approached the jaguar’s small, cramped cage. He stopped. The animal turned to Liam and looked straight into his magnificent eyes. As the boy looked into the animals beautiful, golden eyes he saw sadness swirling like a tornado in its pupil. Where had the jaguar come from? Was it trying to tell him something? If so, what? That’s when pictures started to form in its eyes.

It was as if Liam had fallen into the jaguars mind. Like he was in the past. Vast stretches of cracked, dry land reached out to the horizon, heat shimmered from the ground. The sun beamed down ferociously. This must be Africa.

Hiding in the smallest amount of shade given by a tall, slim rock a family of jaguars lay: a mother, a father and 4 cubs.

“Make sure you don’t go too far,” warned the cub’s mother. “We don’t want you getting hurt or caught by them stupid humans.”

“We won’t, we promise!” cried back the four young jaguars at the same time.

Just as the parents relaxed for the first time in 18 hours, a monstrous roar echoed in the nothingness of Africa. A great metal beast roared towards them.

As the sounds of a ferocious engine zoomed closer to the tall, slim rock where the jaguars lay, all the other animals of Africa scampered away. Slamming the door loudly, the hunters scanned the area for loose animals. In the corner of one human’s eye, they saw one of the jaguar cubs hiding behind a bush. As they crept towards the cub, the father attacked one of the hunters hoping they would run away, but they didn’t. Instead the hunters shot him with one of their tranquiliser darts.

“So that’s how you got here. It’s so sad. It’s good you helped your family though,” said Liam to the jaguar.

It was starting to get dark when Liam got back into reality and the zoo was about to close so he quickly said. “Maybe I can tell my story next time.”

Going to get some herbs by Frankie


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Early this morning I set towards the forest, I was going to the forest because I had to pick some herbs. Walking through the jungle I spotted a big bush of herbs, sneakily crawling to the herbs I hopped up and started to shove them all in my mouth. I had not eaten for many days.


Slowly picking each berry of the prickly bush, I heard footsteps coming towards me. Thundering past me was the savages, quickly I leaped into the bush feeling hopeless! I thought they were going to catch me! Sweat was dripping down my face, blood was oozing out from all the Nat bites, and I felt endangered.


Suddenly a boy stopped and gazed at the bush, I tried to go down deeper into a hole but I didn’t because I would of fell and he would hear me. So I jumped out the bush and stared at the boys blue crystal eyes his gold was shimmering like the sun. What do you want I asked?

“Nothing, I want to be free from all these people.”

“I can help you I`m trying to get away to.” The boy galloped away.


As the boy passed I sprinted my way home following the path, suddenly I forgot to remember the way home so I couldn’t get back until I found the way home. There were so many path ways I got so confused I didn’t know if it was left or right, I started to worry. I had to hurry up because they could go this way and find me. I trusted my instincts and and picked something. Finally, I chose a path

Way luckily the way I picked was right, I went that way because I heard laughter of children and I smelt food baking. I was glad to be home at last.



Are you strong? Are you brave? By James


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Do you want to defeat evil? Are you a hero? Would you like to earn all the riches of Heorot?

Then look no further; we have the perfect quest for you!

Grendel, a ferocious monster, has been terrorising poor defenceless children, across Denmark. He slaughters our people and decimates our homes. Would you like your family to be snatched away and be butchered?

We, the people of Scandinavia, urgently require the assistance of a fearless hero. You must be as strong as a lion, as fast as a cheater and as cunning as a fox. Please, please save this awful nightmare, we will be eternally grateful.


Simply send us a carrier pigeon to Heorot, in Denmark. We will pay for the cost of the pigeon when you get here.

We look forward to meeting such a heroic warrior, the saviour of our people.


By James, 6S

Season Poem By Chloe M


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Fluffy clouds glide through the sky,

Whilst birds tweet and fly,

A waterfall or inspiring flowers,

Becomes farm animals beautiful showers,

Glorious magpies spread out their wings,

This must mean the end of spring!


Later that day, the sun-shine smiled,

When delicious ice cream was being piled,

Sand embraced my muddy toes,

As little girls tie their summer bows.


A path 0f multi-coloured leaves from the trees,

Were flooding their way through the autumn breeze

Crimson sunsets invaded the pier,

Whilst out in the pub, dad drinks ONE beer!


Like a blue ice palace, the house shines,

As snow flakes pour on the dog, making him whine,

Mountains of snow stand beside me,

Snowmen are cheerful, singing “wheee!”

The Seasons by Bailey and Kajus


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Snow is a blanket of clouds on the ground,

Wintery animals like wolves can be found.

Swiftly gliding, snow flakes fall to the floor,

like tiny dancers, spinning more and more!

The Four Seasons by James


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Spring is coming  roping and racing don’t forget the buzzing bees and there nobly knees the pollen that will make you sneeze and no need for sleeves.

Near enough summer is here hot holidays hear and now flowers on the ground colours every were, no need to spare some sun cream a tan will be beaming.

Colours come, autumn blowing and howling in the air, wet weather everywhere,  time to spare, winter is ahead, time to stock up on milk and bread.

Now is a blanket of clouds on the ground, winter animals like wolves can be found, swiftly gliding snowflakes fall to the floor, like tiny dancers spinning more and more!

The Four Seasons by Grace.


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The old brown leaves fly in the breeze,

Beautiful new leaves are growing on the trees.

Meanwhile, on the floor is a rainbow of flowers,

Which are now soaked from the April showers.


The showers turn to sun,

Young children playing, having fun,

Sweltering heat, golden sand on the ground,

Not a coat to be seen for miles around.


Once again, the sun no longer smiles,

Heavy autumn rain covering miles and miles,

The summer blue skies turn to light grey,

Often it’s raining, every day.


Rain eventually turns to snow,

There is nowhere sunny to go,

Christmas is coming, then it’s New Year,

Then February, then March; spring is near.

Post-SATs maths in art!


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We have spent the morning creating some rather complex Islamic art designs. We used our shape knowledge as well as our learning about reflection and rotational symmetry to draw then colour. Check back to see some of our finished artwork!

IMG_0364 IMG_0365 IMG_0366 IMG_0367 IMG_0368 IMG_0369 IMG_0370

The Woods – 100 WC


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Thursday 13th December 1934, the night was silent. Not a pin drop to be heard, not a sound. Not a swing to be swung, not a person to seen. NOT A SOUL, ANYMORE. Or is there… Aaarrrrrggggghhhh! Not unless there was a soulless being. Zombies, blood thirsty, flesh devouring zombies. Three men, multiple zombies. Slowly the zombies tour the men, limb from limb. Kicking and screaming, the men waited to be put out of their misery. The night stood silent…