Are you strong? Are you brave? By James


Posted by 6spupil | Posted in General News | Posted on 25-06-2015

Do you want to defeat evil? Are you a hero? Would you like to earn all the riches of Heorot?

Then look no further; we have the perfect quest for you!

Grendel, a ferocious monster, has been terrorising poor defenceless children, across Denmark. He slaughters our people and decimates our homes. Would you like your family to be snatched away and be butchered?

We, the people of Scandinavia, urgently require the assistance of a fearless hero. You must be as strong as a lion, as fast as a cheater and as cunning as a fox. Please, please save this awful nightmare, we will be eternally grateful.


Simply send us a carrier pigeon to Heorot, in Denmark. We will pay for the cost of the pigeon when you get here.

We look forward to meeting such a heroic warrior, the saviour of our people.


By James, 6S

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Good questions but could you try to add higher level punctuation?

Good work I loved the rang of words you used.

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