Going to get some herbs by Frankie


Posted by 6spupil | Posted in General News | Posted on 25-06-2015

Early this morning I set towards the forest, I was going to the forest because I had to pick some herbs. Walking through the jungle I spotted a big bush of herbs, sneakily crawling to the herbs I hopped up and started to shove them all in my mouth. I had not eaten for many days.


Slowly picking each berry of the prickly bush, I heard footsteps coming towards me. Thundering past me was the savages, quickly I leaped into the bush feeling hopeless! I thought they were going to catch me! Sweat was dripping down my face, blood was oozing out from all the Nat bites, and I felt endangered.


Suddenly a boy stopped and gazed at the bush, I tried to go down deeper into a hole but I didn’t because I would of fell and he would hear me. So I jumped out the bush and stared at the boys blue crystal eyes his gold was shimmering like the sun. What do you want I asked?

“Nothing, I want to be free from all these people.”

“I can help you I`m trying to get away to.” The boy galloped away.


As the boy passed I sprinted my way home following the path, suddenly I forgot to remember the way home so I couldn’t get back until I found the way home. There were so many path ways I got so confused I didn’t know if it was left or right, I started to worry. I had to hurry up because they could go this way and find me. I trusted my instincts and and picked something. Finally, I chose a path

Way luckily the way I picked was right, I went that way because I heard laughter of children and I smelt food baking. I was glad to be home at last.



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