World War III Aaron


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World War III

“Mission Control!” I screeched as my ship came crashing down to the floor. “Mission Control!”

My heart was now pacing, sweat was oozing from my forehead like a waterfall. I was doomed! Feeling scared, I turned to the ship’s controls; I gazed out the windscreen to witness the beautiful land I was about to crash into. 30 seconds, 20 seconds. I was almost dead, 10 seconds then there was a…

A dark black mist covered my visor turning me blind. I stood up with dizziness making me sick. “Am I alive?” I asked myself as I pinched my wrist. My eyes finally opened to see the rocky disaster I just made. “Mission Control, are you there?” I asked as I whispered to my radio. The fumes of gas crept in horrendously, making me feel bad. All I could hear was footsteps and screams. I need help!

Knowing I made a mistake, I ran to the wrecked ship that used to be my home, I can’t leave, I can’t surrender. My mind was set on making it back to earth, I have to battle. All the strength in my muscles were taken by my exo suit, the armoured body work made the clothes 10 times heavier. I’m doing the right thing. Aren’t I?

Breathing heavily, I galloped towards enemy lines. Plasma pistols in hands, I hid behind some old rocks which laid stuck in the ground. I will win, even if I die doing it. Feeling courage’s, I took the first shot. It ricocheted between walls hitting the enemy on the head. “One down, hundreds to go” I muttered under my breath, while blowing the smoke off my gun. The mist covered my visor making me weak to the enemy. I wiped it off and carried on. As deadly as a 1000 foot drop, I blasted the enemies until there was one.

“This is my fight. Not yours!” I shouted while face to face with the boss of the enemy’s universe.

My heart was no beating fast, getting quicker by the second. I turned round and ran. Panting heavily, I found myself crouching behind some old debris which was laying alone on the ground. This was no longer a battle, it was a duel! Shots were fired viciously at each other destroying rocks and allies homes. ” Wait for him to fire,” I whispered, trying to convince myself that this was what I had to do. Instead, I snuck round the corner thinking this was a tactic to use. My plasma gun was still firm in my hand ready for any attacking situations. Feeling scared, I turned to face this beast. A shot was fired and he was dead!

Relieved and happy, I turned back to my spaceship – which was still destroyed on the ground- and got some rest. My eyes opened to see the planet once again, I shifted my body to take one last glance at my vehicle and staggered off. A sharp pain stuck me in the back, a sword went straight through my guts and through the other side of my body. Almost dead, I turned to face my murderer, it was the boss. He whispered slowly into my ear. “This is my fight, not yours…”



Friday the 13th Aaron


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I made my way to the front of the old, rotting building. “Where am I?” I thought as my hands trembled madly. The cracked windows laid above me creaking in the frosty breeze. I opened the door and walked in! The damp walls were surrounding me like a gang of thieves. The smell creaked in mysteriously making me wonder. “What was that?” I whispered to myself with fear in my eyes. Feeling scared, I carried on down the hallway, the smell still bugging me. My hands were shaking weirdly, that’s never happened before. Sweat drizzled down my forehead, my mind going blank. “It must be the smell,” I cooed, feeling sick. As the wind howled, a bang crashed into the room behind me. I turned with fear. I walked to the room and as I opened the door…

IPad persuasion Aaron


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Dear Miss Shadbolt,

All of the hardworking children at Aveley Primary are writing to request that you supply us with the grand IPad Air 2. This term we all have tried to the best of our ability, it would be a fantastic reward.

To begin, the brand new device (IPad Air 2) is a brilliant for educational reasons. 78% of school pupils use Bug Club on iPads instead of real books, this saves 30% of book costs off termly expenses. This causes, every pupil to read at home, with no excuses. Do you want to save money?

In addition to the above point, the education on the IPad Air 2 is brilliant for SATs revision. Furthermore, children in the 21st century use IPads to help learning. As a result, they will get education for SATs they need. Many children in schools need up to date technology (IPad Air 2)

Despite the amount of money, IPads are an alternative to paper, this saves £500 every year! Moreover, think about 1000’s of paper gets used a term for photo-copying. Think about the trees. Furthermore, you can use IPad Airs for years. It would be impossible to do that with one sheet of paper!

To conclude, we must have the grand IPad Air 2. This device is vital for educational purposes. Please, please consider.

Yours sincerely