100 Word Challenge By Aiden


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I took a hike through the fresh autumn forest and as the leaves rustled with the wind, it felt like I was listening to relaxing music. With animals gathering their last minute food to hibernate, it all seemed like a wonderful view. The carpet of leaves, squashed and wet, and the misty clouds hiding the sun, it looked amazing! The sound of singing always brightens my day, so does happy animals wandering around to explore. Nature is so beautiful!

Haunted House by Aiden


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I ambled towards a derelict, ancient house that was forgotten for decades, probably even a century! As my friend dared me to go into the house I felt my stomach crumple up like paper. But to not make him think I was a coward, I accepted. As I got closer to the house, it seemed more older, more abandoned. Cracked bricks and tons of moss surrounded it. I thought I should leave but my friend was right behind me. I couldn’t just stop now.
“This house looks bigger than I thought” I mumbled.
Then I got even closer, just to the porch, then I smelt something that didn’t smell right. It smelt like rotten flesh! Had someone died here? I felt like I just couldn’t go in now. Seeing a dead body would be petrifying! But I boosted my courage even more and twisted the door knob…

My Chronological Report by Aiden


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Grendel is an evil beast! never  venture this monstrosity! He lives in a hole in freezing Scandinavia, decades old, he is still terrorising citizens of the land.

Grendel’s Appearance

Grendel’s appearance is surprisingly vile, he is an ugly, destructive beast, with a heart of stone. with teeth like daggers, Grendel could crunch a large rock into tiny pieces. Pale blue, sapphire skin, never seen because it is covered in flesh and blood.


The diet for Grendel is awful, he’d probably eat anything he finds. Grendel is a carnivore so he will digest humans, animals and household pets.

Relationship with Humans

Everybody loathes Grendel and Grendel detests them. For many years, brave men tried to defeat Grendel, but he defeats them by stabbing them with his sharp claws.


In a dark, large forest, Grendel lives under a massive hole underground. He has made many tunnels to get to places easier. When he reaches his destination, he comes out of the ground to attack!

Overall, Grendel is a vile, ghastly beast. His looks are gruesome. This cruel beast is horrifying. Beware!