Season Poem By Chloe M


Posted by 6spupil | Posted in General News | Posted on 08-06-2015

Fluffy clouds glide through the sky,

Whilst birds tweet and fly,

A waterfall or inspiring flowers,

Becomes farm animals beautiful showers,

Glorious magpies spread out their wings,

This must mean the end of spring!


Later that day, the sun-shine smiled,

When delicious ice cream was being piled,

Sand embraced my muddy toes,

As little girls tie their summer bows.


A path 0f multi-coloured leaves from the trees,

Were flooding their way through the autumn breeze

Crimson sunsets invaded the pier,

Whilst out in the pub, dad drinks ONE beer!


Like a blue ice palace, the house shines,

As snow flakes pour on the dog, making him whine,

Mountains of snow stand beside me,

Snowmen are cheerful, singing “wheee!”

Gresson Hall by Chloe M


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As the wind ruffled my frilly hair, the trees clinked together much louder than normal. Swishing slowly, the grass swayed, wrapping the stalks around my feet. This was extremely unusual. Desperate to escape I leapt and grabbed the creaking tree; then I saw it.
A huge black stained building with crimson blood splattered against the wall. Peering closer I saw smashed windows embraced with deep letter scratches. Suddenly, the smell of flesh invaded by nose as the howling wind pierced through my unfortunate ears. A step closer and my foot would be on the door step. Then, there was the giant door ….