The Haunted House of Blood Wood


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Stumbling over twigs and branches, out the corner of my eye I see a clown; a clown waving. I swear I see his eyes look at me. I blink, he disappears… I dive behind a blood-stained tree. As I do, a house appears; a rickety burnt house! What’s been going on here? Somehow I find myself drawn to the front door of the house.

I turn the old wooden door handle and push hard on the door. Someone taps me on the shoulder. I turn around in fright! There I see an axe floating in mid-air. Strange dripping noises slither down the wall – fresh new blood!! I walk down the corridor, I see a door. As I turned the handle…


My 100 Word Challange BY Chloe S


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I remember the fallen soldiers crying out in pain,

I stood for hours where their bodies where lain.

We were on our way home and had seen the Dover cliffs

and were discussing how we hated the army camp chips.


Then a great German plane appeared from above,

Off of the boat the soldiers dove.

The army ship sank to the sea bed,

My colleagues wife said it should’ve been me instead.