The Egg Disaster 100 WC


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“Noooooo!” screamed Jill with horror on her face.

“What has happened to my eggs-ellent husband?”

“He was planning to get a divorce with you!” exclaimed her sister, “that is why I pushed Jim in the frying pan!”

As the frying pan sizzled, Jim turned into fried egg and everyone had an egg-zilarating rave!

Letter To Zoe By Eloise


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Hey Zo Zo,

How’s you? Everything ok? A little birdie told me that you’re in a bit of trouble about whether to leave Eels island or not. Its probably a good idea to run away with your new BFF Dooby, but can you really trust him?

I’ve heard that this Dooby fella is pretty violent. What if he tries to hurt you? To be honest, he’s not my type! But, his mum knows my mum. How weird? Anyway, his mum said that he’s a right gentlemen! He could be the man of your dreams!

Hope to see you soon, love you lots.

Lou Lou xxx

The Haunted House by Eloise


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As I unlock the latch on the desolate gate, the sound of it echoes around me. My footsteps lead me to the crooked door that takes me into the ancient, derelict house. I have always been intrigued to know what’s inside this building, who haunts the corridors at night, and now I can finally find out. I go to knock on the door but, then I realise, it’s open. Questions quickly rush through my mind. Who would be inside? There must be someone inside, the door’s open. Why would someone live here? Just open the door…

iPad Persuasion


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Dear Miss Shadbolt,

All us hardworking pupils are writing to request that you supply each of us with a brand new iPad Air 2. There are many reasons why we think we should have them.

Firstly, this amazing 21st century technology has lots of educational features, such as: Bug Club, Doodlemaths and all different apps. Also, children can do their homework on the iPad’s and then they would have no excuses. 85% of the students have said this is a very good idea!

In addition to the above point, you have always inspired us to start reading from a young age, and as were in the 21st century, these amazing iPad’s are defiantly the right tools for reading. They have over 15,000 genres of books so any age can download stories on there. Don’t you think this is amazing?

My final excellent reason, is that you can save a lot of paper. This would then save the rainforests and trees. Do you want to save the forests? Mia Anderson, a very friendly eco warrior, told us that: “If we reduce the amount of paper we use, we would save a lot of money!” Surely you agree? Moreover, the iPad Airs could be recycled by passing onto younger children when the current Year 6s leave!

To conclude, we NEED these brilliant iPad’s! They are great for our education and would support us a lot. Please let us have them!

Yours sincerely,

Eloise Powell (Year 6 Aveley Primary School)

The Calico Shore by Eloise


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Dear Government,

I am writing to you because I have found this incredible island. It is on the side of the Mediterranean Sea but when I found it, it was very secret. It has a lovely relaxing feel to it!

The ocean is remarkable eyes. It is so clear you would not believe your eyes. The fish have scaly fins and big googly eyes. I could not name all of the fish I saw,  but I know there were a lot of tropical fish. The colours are really powerful and strong!

The jungle is full of birds singing and water dripping off of the green leaves. It is such a calming sound. There is not just birds in the jungle, there is also a lot of monkeys. They will only hurt you if you hurt them. They are very nice. There are also some lions but there is not a lot. But the flora is unbelievable. It is so vibrant!

The beach has soft, exotic, golden sand. The palm trees sway in the calm breeze. Also, it has little lizards on the beach, but they wont harm you! They just like living on there. When I took my first step on the sand I was amazed!

This island is amazing! I have never seen or been on one this beautiful. If you were there you would have loved it!

By Eloise