Horror Story by Emma


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I came to an old derelict building, there was no one else to be seen, just me. How old is this building? I thought to myself. The windows were smashed, the remaining glass wobbled in the window frame as the fresh winter air blew. A whistle came from behind me, I spun around… nothing was to be seen. ‘My mind is playing games with me,’ I thought. I plucked up the courage to go into the old building.
The door was already open because of the rough winter breeze. As I stepped into the house the floor boards made a creaking noise. My heart pounded causing thoughts to rush through my head. I looked ahead of me. I could smell  rotting flesh in the air… shivers were sent down my spine! I screamed. All of a sudden the door slammed behind me…

100 WC by Emma


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“This is going to be the best prank ever!” giggled Mia.

“Yeah!” Emma laughed .

“GIRLS! ” bellowed Mrs Smith “What are you doing?” roared Mrs Smith with a stern face.

“Mmm…” Mia and Emma looked at each other.

The silence was deafening.

“Mmm.. WHAT? Did the paint and the water just casually walk in here?” the teacher asked.

Sheepishly the girls looked at each other .

“Sorry Miss..” Emma whispered

“So? What was this going to be? Some type of ‘funny’ prank ?” the teacher looked at Mia with a stern face.

“Mrs … we were not going to do any harm!” whined Mia

“HARM!” Mrs Smith screeched

My prediction for Fire, Bed and Bone by Emma


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I think that this book (“Fire, Bed and Bone”) is set in the peasants revolt because on the front cover it clearly states  that it is in 1381, which was when the peasants revolt . I predict that the main character is a dog or a female dog because in the front cover it says alot about dogs. I also predict that it is set in  a village or a farm because in the background there are little drawings of houses and a drawing of a barn also there is also outlines of houses and little chimneys.