The Four Seasons by Grace.


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The old brown leaves fly in the breeze,

Beautiful new leaves are growing on the trees.

Meanwhile, on the floor is a rainbow of flowers,

Which are now soaked from the April showers.


The showers turn to sun,

Young children playing, having fun,

Sweltering heat, golden sand on the ground,

Not a coat to be seen for miles around.


Once again, the sun no longer smiles,

Heavy autumn rain covering miles and miles,

The summer blue skies turn to light grey,

Often it’s raining, every day.


Rain eventually turns to snow,

There is nowhere sunny to go,

Christmas is coming, then it’s New Year,

Then February, then March; spring is near.

The House of Doom by Grace


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Unlucky Friday the 13th, 2011

It was a dark, cloudy day when I found it. I was a long way from the dark, creepy, burnt ruins of my once glorious home. I don’t know what led me into it; I knew I didn’t want to visit the place. One look and I didn’t even want to go inside- however, I knew I had to. It would be an insult to my mother if I didn’t. Chains were clanging against each other. The wind was howling through the smashed windows. The sound of hissing came from upstairs. I took a deep breath and stepped towards the broken  door with peeling paint, pulled the handle and stepped in…


Pain, Blood, Tears & Flood part 1 Grace


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“HEY! GUYS! There’s a forest over there!” Kajus excitedly yelled, bouncing up and down as he always did when he found something ‘interesting’.

The others groaned. They didn’t think he knew what the word meant.

“What now?” Grace, who particularly hated Kajus’s treks, whined. In the summer, the average temperature in Essex was around 50 degrees Celsius. Little beads of sweat trickled down her hollow cheekbones, bringing greasy sun screen with it. Seven pairs of feet came dashing over.

“Going on one of your stupid exploits?” Aiden jeered, placing his hands on his hips sarcastically. Kajus shrugged, whilst guzzling a bottle of Lucozade, like an animal would. Once he was finished, Kajus gave a satisfied burp.

Sleepily, Emma, Eloise, Chloe, Bailey, Jamie and Louis limped over, before collapsing into a heap on the floor.

“Okay, they went out like a light!” Grace laughed cheekily, before racing off after an elated Kajus. Tugging the heavy bodies along the forest floor, Aiden staggered across the bumpy ground, to find Grace and Kajus, staring into a manhole.