Persuasive Letter by Jack S


Posted by 6spupil | Posted in General News | Posted on 27-04-2015

Dear Miss Shadbolt,

I am writing to request that all your hardworking and guises pupils are given an IPad Air 2. There are many reasons for this.


Firstly, only 50% of year six use apps such ass BBC Bitesize, Doodlemaths and Bugclub. This is due to some children not owning an electronic device. If pupils had IPad provided by the school they could go home and use the educational games. Also it would save teacher’s time by sending homework via the IPad.


Secondly, nearly every teacher convinces us to read where ever we are. Unfortunately, sometimes there is a problem where children can’t find a book to read which results in children pretending to read at home. Due to this pupils don’t get the education they need. Whereas if they had an IPad it would be easier to choose a book.


My final reason, is that it would help save the environment which YOU sometime talk about in assemblies. The reason why it would save nature is because teacher use less paper by sending homework through the IPad. Furthermore, IPad Airs are significantly faster than the current laptops at the school. Moreover, you could recycle the IPad airs by passing them down to younger children.


Finally, I beg of you that Aveley Primary have IPad Airs because we are hardworking children at you wonderful school and an IPad air would be an amazing reward.


You’re sincerely

Jack Stouchbury (Year 6)