Are you strong? Are you brave? By James


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Do you want to defeat evil? Are you a hero? Would you like to earn all the riches of Heorot?

Then look no further; we have the perfect quest for you!

Grendel, a ferocious monster, has been terrorising poor defenceless children, across Denmark. He slaughters our people and decimates our homes. Would you like your family to be snatched away and be butchered?

We, the people of Scandinavia, urgently require the assistance of a fearless hero. You must be as strong as a lion, as fast as a cheater and as cunning as a fox. Please, please save this awful nightmare, we will be eternally grateful.


Simply send us a carrier pigeon to Heorot, in Denmark. We will pay for the cost of the pigeon when you get here.

We look forward to meeting such a heroic warrior, the saviour of our people.


By James, 6S

The Four Seasons by James


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Spring is coming  roping and racing don’t forget the buzzing bees and there nobly knees the pollen that will make you sneeze and no need for sleeves.

Near enough summer is here hot holidays hear and now flowers on the ground colours every were, no need to spare some sun cream a tan will be beaming.

Colours come, autumn blowing and howling in the air, wet weather everywhere,  time to spare, winter is ahead, time to stock up on milk and bread.

Now is a blanket of clouds on the ground, winter animals like wolves can be found, swiftly gliding snowflakes fall to the floor, like tiny dancers spinning more and more!

Disney Land persuasion By James


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Dear Miss Shadbolt,

I am requesting your permission, for us as year six, to all go on a trip to Disney land in Florida for all our hard work and dedication to are SAT’s. We would like to go there as a reward, these are the reasons why we should go.

My first point is that, after SAT’s we need fun also think of what with done, with gone up levels. It is almost certain that our teachers need a break and I don’t just mean a cup of tea and some rich tea biscuits, I mean a holiday. It is imposable to think they spend hours marking, although its Mr Sisterson job, he still deserves it, has he ever let u down? ( I assume not ).

In Addison the above point, I believe that stubbers is not enough. We deserve more ! If it is too much money wise, we could do some fun raising, for example:

  • A bake sale,
  • Car washing (teachers cars)
  • Raffle
  • Apple bobbing
  • BBQ

We can achieve so much when we all work together, don’t forget this is a once in a life time opportunity, such as riding with dolphins. Also, it will give us year six time to bond before secondary schools.

My final reason, is that it would be a sensational way to send us off and have a final blast also it would give u a bit of advising. Think of the head lines. Furthermore, we could even work out a deal with Disney, maybe even 20% off  and its probably there first 65 + people staying all together in years, we could even break a world-record.

Overall, I think I’ve summed it up quite a bit, so please respond your opinion and answer please. We deserve it ! To extend, Mister Sisterson quoted “It would be a terrific idea!”

Yours Hoping James

The Haunted Heart by James


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The stench of flesh  filled the air.  

“Come here,”

whispered the air. Thoughts filled my head – ‘Will I die tonight?’

As I opened the desolate door rats scurried out into a the grave like garden. I pulled out my phone not that it was much help to me as I had no connection. “Blast!”.
But it did show the time as the dead of noon.

Dragging myself through the blood covered hallway, I saw a figure drift through a sand paper door. I walked to it. As I opened the door, it grabbed me!

By James,

My 100-Word Challenge By James


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The 11th of November is a very impotent day because it is the day to remember the solders and families who died in world war 1 it is special this year because it is the 100 year anniversary of  word war 1 in the solders memory, the Queen and some solders families planted a staggering 888,246 red ceramic poppies by hand in the tower of London mote which represents a sea of blood  for those who died in wold war 1 R.I.P for those who died in wold war 1 and who served for us in wold wars /Rest. in. peace/

By James