Horror Scene by John


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Stepping through the rusted gates I arrived at the door. Lightning struck. I knocked. The door swung open. Carefully making my way upstairs a flesh smelling odour caught my nostrils. The door slammed behind me. I jumped. Chains clanged together which gave me goose bumps. Then, from out of nowhere, a giggle – visions of blood and bodies came into my head. Walking down the burned corridor, torn portraits laid strewn across the floor. A door. I put my hand on the door knob; it was hot. I put my ear against the door, I couldn’t hear any fire. What could be on the other side? I asked myself. Opening the door…

The Night Shift By John


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Creak… the shutters closed the doors locked, there was  only one way out, the storage room. Most of Primark’s employees have disappeared into thin air, now I am  the last one to work here. suddenly the lights flickered on and off , off and on I ran to the storage room the Fire Exit had disappeared I was trapped,  I hid behind the counter, I heard a whisper ”Finally some fresh flesh, I will eat you to the bone and only blood will be left” I  screamed the only thing I could do was scream soon it was all over. the police where on the scene the monster whent back into hiding ready to eat more people.