Friday 13th


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It was a miserable Friday night, when a sudden sound came echoing from the guest bedroom of the dull empty hotel at the end of my street. I began to amble towards the spooky place but, as I arrived nearer to it, the strangest of things began to happen. The lights in the kitchen were flashing as the curtains opened and shut faster than a set of eyes. 
In my own time… I entered. Screams thundered through my head as I opened the door…


The Silence was Deafening … Katie. #100wc


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Why was the windows opening in my bedroom? And why were the curtains blowing ferociously when there wasn’t even a touch of gusty wind outside?
I opened my eyes until they felt like they were going to pop out of their sockets. They scaled the half empty room expecting something creepy to unexpectedly happen. The lights turned off, all seventeen televisions turned off by themselves. The silence was deafening! I was startled!

My 100 Word Challenge By Katie


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Remember all the people in the war,

falling and staggering to the floor.

Soldiers injured everyday,

while  their family cry and prey.

Roses used to remember,

in the month of November.


The mighty,courageous soldiers battled their life away,

to keep us on earth for this very day.

So take a minute to remember and be thankful for today,

and think of all the people that cared for us and now are away.

The Eye-Ship By Katie


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How does the Eye-ship work?

Are you desperate to arrive in out-of space within minutes? If so, use the ‘Eye ship’ and in no time at all your dream will come true. How does the machine work?

Starting up the machine!

To start the machine running,you will need to sit on the white,fluffy comfortable chair with a wheel in-front of  it. Say ‘Astronaut’ three times and the ‘Eye ship’ will be running in no time. Slowly spin the wheel. As  a result of this, the aircraft will begin flying,zooming up high into the sky, passing clouds by.’ Neil Armstrong’ said that “The Eye-ship is the best spaceship ever!”

What goes on in the equipment room?

The reason that this room is there is because it contains different size helmets and space suits;also they come in different colours. So if you feel you want to wear a certain hat,you can.

Use the amazing ‘Eye ship’ because it has everything you need. As a result of this,you will find that the process of going to space will be allot easier.