I remember when poppies was in London


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I remember when there were poppies in London. I remember when there was lot’s of them. I remember when army fight for England and gave up there lives. Now their in the sky in heaven resting in peace. I remember when people were sad. I remember I walked through the church saying goodbye. Remember is the word of remembering the brave people that just gave up there lives for all of us. Most of them died but some of them lived but was still injured. I remember when everyone was full of tears. It was so sad and very bad when everybody was in black with a black umbrella in the dreadful rain. That’s how we remember remembrance day.

The Horror Scene by Kaylee


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There was a dark, spooky, haunted house across the woods; there were grave stones all around it. It was so foggy yet I could see blood leading all the way to the wooden door. I was scared! I could smell rotten, dead bodies. All I could hear was screaming from the roof tops. I walked closer to the oak door. The smell was getting into my nose, it was horrible! As I opened the door…..

My100 word challenge by Kaylee Livermore


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He was shocked to find the door opening. In the attic something crept, what could it be? I’m shocked to hear this annoying, creepy noise from upstairs in the attic. The noise of a creepy man or something crept into the other direction. The little boy ran into his mum’s bedroom. It was the most shocking event that was inside the house.It’s very exotic and I am scared.The boy screamed as he started to think about what it could be. The boy hid under the cover with his torch and his teddy and then whispered to it I am scared.