persuasion I pad air 2 by Lennie


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Dear Miss Shadbolt,

A vast majority of people believe that you should allow us, pupils of Aveley Primary School, to have an Ipad Air 2.

First of all, I pad’s are very educational and your students levels will go up within months. Furthermore, it will make it easier to access fun learning games such as: Bug Club, Doodle Maths and many more.

In the same way, this will save wildlife becoming endangered because no more trees will be cut down. On the other hand, they are a lot of money. But we can prevent this. When year 6 leave the school they can give their devices to the reception children who join in September. A ten ton

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, let us have an I pad air 2 to make our life ten ton easier!

Yours hoping

Lennie Hannan 6s

100 word challenge by Lennie


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Remember Remember people how  thought in the war for us.

Remember Remember what they did for our country.

Why should we forget them we would be speaking German if it weren’t for them. They had no choice if only the world was perfect. Only if everything was perfect. They smiled waved them goodbye. But only a couple hundred survived.



We will never forget them.