Eye of the Jaguar by Liam North


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Eye of the Jaguar

Cautiously, Liam- a tall, handsome but shy boy- strolled down the old cobbled pathway of the local city zoo. As Liam kept going down the pathway, enclosures started to tower above his head, animals called for him from inside their prison cells. “This is no way to treat animals,” he thought. “What happened to their families? Do they even have families?”

Unexpectedly, like a bee to a flower, Liam’s bright emerald green eyes were drawn to a lonely shadow in the corner of the zoo. There was a strong beast. Proud, muscular. Liam, for an unknown reason, was more interested in this animal than any other in the entire zoo.

With great interest, the boy approached the jaguar’s small, cramped cage. He stopped. The animal turned to Liam and looked straight into his magnificent eyes. As the boy looked into the animals beautiful, golden eyes he saw sadness swirling like a tornado in its pupil. Where had the jaguar come from? Was it trying to tell him something? If so, what? That’s when pictures started to form in its eyes.

It was as if Liam had fallen into the jaguars mind. Like he was in the past. Vast stretches of cracked, dry land reached out to the horizon, heat shimmered from the ground. The sun beamed down ferociously. This must be Africa.

Hiding in the smallest amount of shade given by a tall, slim rock a family of jaguars lay: a mother, a father and 4 cubs.

“Make sure you don’t go too far,” warned the cub’s mother. “We don’t want you getting hurt or caught by them stupid humans.”

“We won’t, we promise!” cried back the four young jaguars at the same time.

Just as the parents relaxed for the first time in 18 hours, a monstrous roar echoed in the nothingness of Africa. A great metal beast roared towards them.

As the sounds of a ferocious engine zoomed closer to the tall, slim rock where the jaguars lay, all the other animals of Africa scampered away. Slamming the door loudly, the hunters scanned the area for loose animals. In the corner of one human’s eye, they saw one of the jaguar cubs hiding behind a bush. As they crept towards the cub, the father attacked one of the hunters hoping they would run away, but they didn’t. Instead the hunters shot him with one of their tranquiliser darts.

“So that’s how you got here. It’s so sad. It’s good you helped your family though,” said Liam to the jaguar.

It was starting to get dark when Liam got back into reality and the zoo was about to close so he quickly said. “Maybe I can tell my story next time.”

The Haunted House by Liam


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As I walked up to the old derelict house, I saw a sign on the rotting wooden door. It said ‘This place is haunted. Be careful!’ but I thought it was nonsense. I opened the door with a loud creek. Straight away a cloud of dust hit me in the face. I started down the hallway. I saw a few paintings of a man, his wife and two children, they looked like a nice family. As I continued down the hallway a faint smell came to me but it didn’t seem familiar. The smell grew stronger and stronger. Finally I came to a door, the smell was really strong now, I opened the door…

The Voyage with Darwin by Liam N


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Dear journal,

Today is the best time of my life! Right now me , Charles Darwin and his crew are setting of on the Beagle to find new species of animal. I bet we are going to see lots of new things.

Day 1, 1863

As me and Darwin were traveling through the sea, I saw a weird bird (that I have never seen before) fly over our heads and it dropped something white. Later through the day, we stopped at an island and I saw the same bird as earlier. I crept towards the bird like a tiger waiting to pounce on its prey so I could catch it and examine it. (tomorrow because I need some rest.)

Day 2,

 Last night was dreadful! The waves were crashing against the boat like boulders. I desperately need some sleep but it is just too hard. I also need to write this quickly so no one finds me writing in my journal. I’m going to write in my journal tomorrow but I have to put it back every night very gently.

Today, while we travelled to some new place, I examined the bird which has white, blue and yellow patterned wings, a orange beak, orange and yellow belly with little patches of purple. This bird was so interesting with all its tropical colours and its great beak. I wish I could keep learning about this bird but soon I’ll have to see Charles and see if any new places are near by. So far this voyage has been interesting, fascinating and fantastic.

Day 3,

Today Darwin plans on going back home, which I’m really upset about because I want to carry on this amazing adventure. Also, I kept the bird and I am going to take it home for a present for my family, which I think they’ll love. I’m going to miss this voyage and the Beagle with its strong dark wood and its great cabins, I will never forget these moments.

By Liam N.