A Creepy Sloane by Louis


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All I could hear was the gentle waves crawling up the glinting sand. I got off of my BMX to sit but heard a noise. I couldn’t make it out. I panicked! I got up as fast as I could “OWW!” I tripped, I fell into an abandoned Sloane. The door shut and locked behind me!
I started to look for a back door. I could smell flesh. I turned and opened the door… “AAAAAAARRRRR!”

My 100 word challenge by Louis


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He was shocked to find Mr Sisterson  screaming  “Where’s my class! They ditched school!” Ethan though there’s no school no imagination to write story’s. “Waite are you doing!” Demanded the Over Lord “well my pupils didn’t came to school today so I was made.” Replied Mr Sisterson. A flaming arrow flow in it was the .,. Children from 6S coming to get Mr Sisterson “We want are teacher back!”  They chanted. there imagination to much for the Over Lord. “good all awes wins!” They also chanted from there imaginations the Over Lord  died and the world was saved.