Description of Maya Temple by Matthew


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Sunlight peers through the dense leaves towards the mossy exterior walls of the Temple of Ah Puch. Rotting flesh destroys any susceptible noses that pass by this deadly structure. Screams horrifically set the scene by shaking the floor and frightening any visitors. Statues (glistening like the sun) have a smooth edge, standing in front of the rough pyramid. Disintegrating if on wrong step is made. Their soft, sticky bodies make trespassers more anxious about entering. Mossy stone bricks, which is strong steel, protects inside treasures.

The House Of Hanging # I by Charlie & Matthew


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Scent flurried through the street at the dead of night. I was not sure what it was. Was it flesh? Was it the desolate house?  So I had to investigate.  I first searched the whole neighbourhood. Only the smell of lavender from the florist. Then I checked the old, rickety house. It was said to be haunted; I believed the old rumours. I opened the door…

Matthew Persuasion


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Dear Miss Shadbolt,

All of us loving and hardworking children are writing to make a request for a change. Many people claim that the IPad Air 2 is a perfect idea for learning whilst having fun. This is one of many reasons.

It is obvious that educational games and apps are supplied. Bug Club is used by 73% of school pupils in the UK. This makes it the most popular app. Doodlemaths (an application for Android and Apple products) is also perfect for amateur mathematicians! BBC Bitesize is available on anything and is extraordinarily helpful.

Do you remember all of the times you reminded us to read as much as possible? A new IPad Air 2 would be perfect. You, the best head teacher Aveley Primary has ever had, inspire us. Charlie told me “21st century children need 21st century tech!”

Despite the initial cost of the IPads, they will not be misused. Students would be able to do work from home. We will be able to write and learn through the internet. This will help the environment because gas and petrol will be saved due to no-one going to school.

To conclude, there is evidence that with IPad Airs students are able to fly up in levels. WE NEED THESE!

Yours sincerely,

Matthew (6S pupil Aveley Primary)

My 100 Word Challenge by Matthew


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Time travel

1) He was shocked to find a wish,

a wish he found it on a dish.

He thought and thought

but the thing his mind caught,

was time travel.

2) The time had come,

a rumble was in his tum.

He saw the dinosaurs and what he found

Made him and his family spellbound.

After ten periods he set off homeward bound.

3) Soon he saw the flash of his life,

“I’m going to die!” he said.

And as quick as a flash, he was dead.

Imagination was back

nothing under attack.

Two days passed, his grave is a horrible plague.