The Woods – 100 WC


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Thursday 13th December 1934, the night was silent. Not a pin drop to be heard, not a sound. Not a swing to be swung, not a person to seen. NOT A SOUL, ANYMORE. Or is there… Aaarrrrrggggghhhh! Not unless there was a soulless being. Zombies, blood thirsty, flesh devouring zombies. Three men, multiple zombies. Slowly the zombies tour the men, limb from limb. Kicking and screaming, the men waited to be put out of their misery. The night stood silent…

FRIDAY 13th by Regan


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‘Twas Friday 13th 1879. The night stood silent. CLACK, CLACK! The sound of scraping bones echoed through the alleys of London. The cobblestones sounded againstmy shoes. What was I hearing? There was one thing for sure, I wasn’t alone. ‘AAAHHHH!’ Screams of a young woman pierced my ears. ‘HAA, HA, HA, HAAAA!’ The laughter of a devil mad man slaughtering a child. I made for the house. I got to there speedily. As I opened the door…